Attributes and benefits


Our philosophy is based on fundamental principles through which we can offer to our clients a quality service and level of reliability essential for the decision-making process.

  • A personalized and tailored service which is adapted to current needs.
  • Meticulous attention and exhaustive control in data collection.
  • Dynamism and speed both fieldwork and reporting. Observers within our network are mobilized simultaneously and on predetermined dates. This allows a snapshot of the market to be taken, checking the entire data at set time periods.
  • Innovation and technology at the client’s service, investing the necessary resources to continuously optimize and improve the process of data collection, processing and reporting. This commitment to technology enables us to be more efficient, reliable, flexible and rapid in all our processes.
  • A professional and experienced human team, both at our headquarters and making up our network of observers distributed throughout the Spanish territory.
  • Impartiality
    • We do not have panels of retailers to supply us with data.
    • Our observers do not know for whom the information is being checked, ensuring impartiality and reflecting the true point-of-sale situation.

What benefits do our clients have??

In MERCA DINAMICA we encourage continuous feedback with our clients to ensure that the studies, reports, findings, and reporting tools that we provide enable:

  • The understanding the overall situation of the market, your company and your competitors, on an ongoing basis.
  • The objective monitoring and comparing of different scenarios and the analysis of trends over time.
  • The making of appropriate decisions about products, pricing, distribution channels, communication strategies, etc.
  • The taking of appropriate action when facing undesired situations.


Our services allow clients to make the right move in the knowledge that their strategic, operational and commercial decisions stem from a thorough knowledge of the market.

 Decision Making Concept