Our method

From the moment a client contacts MERCA DINAMICA to indicate what his or her needs are to when the results are handed over, work that requires the utmost professionalism, rigor and control is carried out. Our goal: your satisfaction. To achieve optimal results, we have a team of specialists for each of the different stages of the process.

Defining the needs of the client

We attend to the needs of each client on an individual basis. On the basis of on our standards, the client defines at each moment what references to check, in which facilities, and how often.

We also offer the possibility of providing solutions to new needs that may arise, making necessary ad hoc changes.

Starting the project

Once the required information has been established, the project is speedily set in motion. Our technological and human resources allow us to carry out any necessary modifications in the checks, both in standard and ad hoc studies, which can be performed from the outset until the last moment, even after the visit has begun.

Point-of-sale observation

After starting the checking process, we proceed to visit the establishments simultaneously. This is a vital step that ensures that the complete data sets are comparable. In each of the facilities visited, each of the references is checked and each of the variables in the requested data is checked: presence, price, promotion, location …

To ensure the reliability of the data, a series of validations is performed with each capture. The permanent connection we have with our server allows these validations to be updated in real time, using data that is simultaneously entering our database as a basis. They can also can be based on alert criteria specified by the client.

Information processing and reporting

We have the technological resources needed to issue results reports with the format, presentation, access type and at the times each client deems appropriate. Either a standardised or customised report can be issued to our clients, so that the presentation is 100% to their liking and utility.

Delivery of client reports

In general, reports are sent in the same week in which the data has been compiled. However, our systematic work allows reports to be issued when necessary, even on the same day. We ensure the arrival of client reports prepared in the manner desired: by mail, by downloading from our site, by ftp access, etc