GPV Control Audit – POS manager tracking


The work of the POS Manager is essential for the success of a product in the mass market. His or her goal is to ensure optimal visibility at the point of sale. To achieve this, many manufacturers of consumer products have organised their own teams of POS managers, with the objective of improving the positioning of their products on the shelves and boost pointofsale promotions.

Our POS Control service arose from of the need of those clients who, having their own POS Manager system, seek a guarantee that the tasks are being performed correctly, from a 100% objective and comprehensive point of view. This service is also designed for those who wish to consolidate the data from various POS managers in the same report, complement the information received from their own POS managers with information from other sectors which cannot be reached, or seek the tools to motivate workers by means of a “ Gamification” system.


Advantages of this Service:

  • 100% objective data
  •  Take advantage of Merca Dinamica’s reporting tools to merge (new) data with internal data checked by managers.
  • Flexibility: Different samples, timings, and frequencies can be specified depending on the type of information needed for each brand, category, or period. Thus the study (and the cost) can be adjusted to the actual use that is given to information.
  • Adaptation of formats according to need.
  • Minimises the possibility of errors in data collection.
  • Increases performance of POS managers
  • Multiple possibilities



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