Range sweeps

The range is the set of items on offer in an establishment. The definition of the optimal range has become one of the key elements in pointofsale marketing strategies. It is of vital importance that distributors and manufacturers work together to establish the optimal range, defining categories, brands ( market leaders , second brands , white label goods, top prices ) … focusing the objectives to achieve client satisfaction and maximizing the potential of the point of sale.

Various 3D grocery products isolated on white


This service is designed for those who wish to have at their disposition complete information about a category, a sector, an entire establishment, or even the entire market. MERCA DINAMICA offers a full sweep of the categories specified by the client in the desired establishment.

Advantages of this service:

  • A general understanding of the market (brand varieties, formats, prices, etc) is facilitated
  • Brand positioning can be observed
  • Product launches and withdrawals can be observed immediately
  • Analysis of tallies of reference numbers and/or space : by brand, MMPP / mmdd


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