Who we are

Since 1989 MERCA DINAMICA has been dedicated exclusively to point-of-sale observation, inspection and auditing, including brochures and online stores. We believe that what the consumer perceives at the point of sale is as important as the product itself.

Our mission is to provide objective, regular and personalized market information at a national level, in a dynamic and flexible form, which helps the different members of an organization make business decisions.

Our experience of over 25 years serving all types of clients – from manufacturers to distributors in the mass market – which have such different needs, has made us a versatile company which reinvents itself every day. We like to work closely with our clients and get their feedback, with a clear objective in mind – to give those clients what they need. The result: satisfied clients who trust in our way of doing things.

Thanks to our continued commitment to technology in data collection and reporting and the professionalism and training of our team, we can adapt to any requirement of our clients to offer services and ad hoc studies. The years that we have worked with and for you endorse us.

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MERCA DINAMICA has a team consisting of professionals with extensive experience in conducting marketing studies aimed at both distributors and manufacturers. This characteristic allows us to fully understand the needs of our clients and gives us the ability to provide optimal solutions when required.

At our headquarters, our team of professionals designs, coordinates and controls the execution of each of the services we provide, and our other company departments are centralized.

We have at our disposal a team of observers distributed throughout peninsular Spain as well as the Balearic and Canary Islands. Within this team we have regional managers ensuring the monitoring, coordination and communication necessary for the proper conduct of any study and observation, whether at local or national level.

Technological Resources

Having cutting-edge technology allows us to be efficient, reliable, flexible and fast in capturing data, compiling, and delivering market reports.

The incorporation of latest-generation mobile devices ensures a permanent connection between the field team and our headquarters. This allows us – in real time – to make changes to studies, to deliver results, to validate and to contrast data (tracking of atypicals , second checks , etc …)

We have the necessary tools for the preparation of reports in the formats required by the client.

The software used for both fieldwork and for the processing and reporting of information is developed and fully controlled by us which gives us high versatility and reliability.